What Would Jim Forthofer Do for Vermilion?

Manage a Stable, Professional, Resident Oriented Government

City Government Exists for the Residents

  • EVERY government decision and expenditure must answer the question, “How does this make life better for the residents of Vermilion?”

Well Behaved Government

  • Avoid time wasting infighting. Stick to the important issues.

Maintain a Strong Financial Posture

  • Prioritize resources.
  • Use only clear, accountable fiscal practices.
  • Maintain an appropriate reserve level.
  • Communicate regularly with Council and the residents.

Ensure a Safe, Clean and Green Community

  • Safety services will be stable and efficient.
  • City infrastructure should be modernized, reliable and environmentally sound.
  • City services are accountable to the people.

Pursue Affordable, Well Managed Growth

  • Expand the tax base to relieve pressure on residential taxes.
  • Reach out to business and industry to relocate to Vermilion.
  • Make Vermilion more business friendly.

Drive the STREET REPAIR program!

In 2016, as Chairman of Council’s Streets, Buildings & Grounds Committee, I spearheaded the successful acquisition of additional funds dedicated exclusively for repair of the ‘worst of the worst’ streets in our neighborhoods. The 2013 Streets Levy was a good start. But, much of that money has been bonded to do urgent projects such as Elberta and Sailorway. The ongoing repair of non-arterial streets (those neighborhood streets you and I live on) is still a daunting task. But it affects our vehicles, our city’s reputation and our quality of life. Repair of our streets will continue to be one of my top priorities as Mayor just as it has been as Councilman.


DO SOMETHING about Liberty Avenue East

Liberty Avenue commercial district east of the bridge was planned and zoned in the early 60’s when Vermilion was a different place. Today, this strip is in danger of seeing its commercial base totally eroded due to outdated planning and regulations that do not fit today’s reality.

Main Street Vermilion’s ‘Bridge to Bridge’ project is a great plan to refresh the Liberty Avenue thoroughfare. However, the commercial properties themselves need serious help to be viable.

I will prioritize a new long term plan for Liberty.  Input on zoning and lot definitions will come from a commission of those who;

  • do business on Liberty,
  • would consider moving to Liberty,
  • or patronize Liberty businesses.

A proposal for a new realistic growth plan for Liberty Avenue will be placed before Council.

Outdated zoning and property ordinances on the Liberty commercial district can create a ghost town if we don’t do something soon.


Push The Beachfront Plan

Vermilion is a lakefront community and it needs to make the most of it. As part of the Museum Acquisition Committee I witnessed the people of Vermilion buy the Inland Seas Museum property largely out of their own pockets. Your investment secured lakefront access for all Vermilionites for generations to come. As part of the new Museum Development Committee, I will push for completion of the plan to develop the museum property into a community use facility that follows the priorities stated by the people in 2014:

  • Parking.
  • Restrooms.
  • A lake view community room for weddings, parties, etc.

And, we can do more!

I will push hard to realize an expanded downtown beachfront plan proposed by the Edge Group Community Planners to develop Vermilion’s lakefront into a larger first class recreational facility to serve citizens and visitors to our town. Grants for such projects are available. Build it and they will come.

IT CAN BE DONE. Vermilion deserves no less!


Keep the city solvent

No more fiscal nightmares!

Maintain a strong financial posture

  • Keep city finances totally visible to everyone through OHIOCHECKBOOK.com.
  • Prioritize financial resources.
  • Use only clear, accountable fiscal practices.
  • Maintain an appropriate reserve level.
  • Communicate regularly with Council and the citizens.