Friendship Park Dedication
Friendship Park Dedication

The “Office of Mayor” requires a different type of experience and skill than any other city office.

Council is important. Contracts need to be reviewed, budgets need to be approved and ordinances need to be passed.  Vermilion has been blessed with many good people to do these necessary functions.

But, “The Office of Mayor” is special.

    Jim Forthofer, Candidate for Mayor of Vermilion

  • The Mayor must be able to listen to the concerns of the citizens.
  • The Mayor must have a vision of where the city needs to go.
  • The Mayor must be someone the citizens are proud to have represent their city in dealing with outside organizations and state government representatives.
  • The Mayor must establish a collaborative atmosphere in city hall. Infighting does not get the city’s work done.
  • The office of Mayor is an executive level office that must work with and get along with all elements of;
    • government,
    • the community
    • and organizations outside of the city that can contribute to the city’s goals.
  • The city executive needs to respectfully manage its employees and negotiate the best possible services that keep the city clean, green, healthy, safe and AFFORDABLE.

Jim Forthofer has a love of Vermilion, concern for its residents and 35 years of experience in executive level visionary leadership, relationship building and organization management.

Vote Jim Forthofer for Mayor

The RIGHT Experience. A CLEAR Vision.